Astrology by Pleiades

Welcome to Astrology by Pleiades.
My name is Pleiades and this page is your gateway to better understanding how the stars relate to, and influence your life.

What were the stars doing at the time of your birth and how does that affect you now?
What kinds of influences can you expect on your present relationships, romantic or otherwise?
Understanding and being aware of potential tendencies of personality whether in romantic or business partnerships can be a valuable tool in strengthening understanding and avoiding pitfalls.

Whether it’s a detailed 20 plus page Natal (What the stars were doing at the moment of your birth) or a detailed 20 plus page Compatibility Report sent directly to your email address  Astrology by Pleiades  is your answer to understanding you and your relationships better.

I am presently offering 3 different types of reports. Each report will be sent directly to your email address in HTML format for easy viewing. Also at no extra charge each report will also be available for download as an mp3 (Audio) file read aloud in the Acapela™ 22kHz High Quality Voice known as Lisa.

The 3 report types are as follows;

  • Natal Report
  • Compatibility Report
  • Relationship Report
  1. Natal Report. A Natal Report is where the stars are located at the time of your birth and among other things it can be a fascinating read as well as giving you insight to your own personality and life challenges.
  3. Compatibility Report. A Compatibility Report can offer valuable insight into relationships in general, e.g. casual friend, friend, business partnerships, etc.
  5. Relationship Report. Relationship Reports relate to Romantic compatibility. A potentially useful tool in better understanding the blend of chemistry between 2 people. Understanding the potential stresses and possible challenges in a relationship and being able to discuss them together with your partner can be very beneficial and enlightening.

After placing your order please visit the CONTACT section of this website and send us your name and email address just to make sure we have it. This is a new system and we want to make certain that it’s doing what it should. Thanks! 🙂



Astrology Reports
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Full Name + Time & Date Of Birth:
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